Monday, March 2, 2009

LOCKER 13 Film Project - Part Two

In a previous post, I wrote about LOCKER 13, our exciting anthology feature film and how it began. Throughout the course of production, I will write about our project and what we're up to.

With the buzz circulating around Hollywood, we became well-received with a lot of well-known actors and crew. Our first segment, Down and Out, starred Ricky Schroder as Tommy Novack, an aging boxer who was looking for a career revival, Tatyana Ali as Lucy, an escort that grows real feelings for Tommy, and Jon Polito as Don Dillon, Tommy's blunt manager. It also marked the first project not directed by a Brothers' Ink partner. This segment was directed by an up-and-comer, Matthew Mebane. Matthew and his wife, Maria, are an incredibly talented duo that share a real passion for filmmaking. They inspired us to bring them in to the project by shooting what some of us say is one of the best short films ever made in Tackle Box.

Matthew brought in close friend, and mentor, Russell Carpenter to DP. You may know Russell's work from a little film called TITANIC. He just happened to win the oscar for that film. We were very honored to have an industry icon of his stature involved in our project.

More to come.

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