Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOCKER 13 Film Project - Part Four

In previous posts, I wrote about LOCKER 13, our exciting anthology feature film and how it began. Throughout the course of production, I will write about our project and what we're up to.

Krista Allen. You've heard of her, right? She's the girl in the elevator in LIAR LIAR. you remember her. What's she up to these days you ask? Well, my friend, she just finished shooting THE AUTHOR for LOCKER 13. This is our 3rd installment of the anthology film, and it rivals the quality of the first two (I've even heard by some that it's the best one). I do have to say, though, I am a bit biased, because this was the segment that I produced.

We shot this segment in LA, just a short while ago, and we were just recently delivered a rough cut of it. This one is about a ruthless assassin who is wanting to find out who hired him for his latest assignment. Along with Allen, it stars Rick Hoffman (Cellular, Hostel) as Armando, Carmen Perez (He's Just Not That Into You) as Marcia, and Marina Benedict as Rachel.

This film is shaping up quite nicely, as we forge ahead....three down, three to go.

Stay tuned.

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