Friday, March 13, 2009

"LOCKER 13: Down And Out" at Phoenix Film Festival

Our first LOCKER 13 segment, Down and Out, will be appearing at this year's Phoenix Film Festival. We are happy that it will be at our "hometown" festival. There are certainly more flashy and better festivals out there but PFF is a decent festival, although they have taken a few steps backward last year. They cater to the filmmaker, and all-in-all, I feel they have a pretty well-run, organized event (however they have to improve on last year's output).

Also appearing at this year's event, Jason Marsden's ANIMATED AMERICAN. We go back a ways now with Jason. We first worked with him on SUICIDE CLUB two years ago. We've since been busy working with him on LOCKER 13. He just finished directing our 3rd installment, THE AUTHOR (more to come), and has been writing and producing for us as well. We wish him all the success with his short, and everything else he's working on.

So, be on the lookout for two highly-entertaining and polished (short) films, Down and Out and Animated American at the PFF in '09.

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