Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOCKER 13 Film Project - Part Three

In a previous post, I wrote about LOCKER 13, our exciting anthology feature film and how it began. Throughout the course of production, I will write about our project and what we're up to.


That's the acronym for The Benevolent Byzantine Order of the Nobles of the Enigmatic Oracle. Say that five times fast. We couldn't so we simply call it BYZANTINE. Bruce Dellis, an accomplished writer, director and producer, penned and helmed the second segment of LOCKER 13. Set in 1920's Phoenix, This quirky, edgy piece compliments the entire feature better than I could have ever imagined. With an excellent cast including Bart Johnson from the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL films, Curtis Armstrong from REVENGE OF THE NERDS, David Huddleston from THE BIG LEBOWSKI (you can also see him in our first film, REVEILLE), and a supporting cast of thousands....well more like ten to twenty or so, this chapter explored what goes on behind closed doors in secret societies.

Continuing to gain momentum with the project, we forged ahead and moved on to the next segment...

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